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Since its start, Pioneer Balloon Company has been the industry’s educational leader, helping balloon professionals obtain and cultivate creative skills and business expertise. In 2006, we continued this mission and established two scholarships to recognize talented artists interested in furthering their careers.

These educational awards honor the stellar contributions of two industry legends by passing the torch to emerging leaders. Recipients must be able to answer questions about:

  • The deliberate growth of their business;
  • Specific ways they plan to apply education gained from their chosen professional event to help implement that growth;
  • Other investment plans to make their business grow;
  • And specific skills they want to learn

Scholarships are awarded throughout the year and fund attendance for one entrepreneur to a well-known industry event of their choosing in the United States or Europe. Each scholarship includes transportation to and from the educational event, complete registration, and lodging expenses for the duration of the event. Travel and registration arrangements will be made by Pioneer Balloon Company.

Scholarships Available

  • Treb Heining Pioneer Visionary Scholarship

    The Treb Heining Pioneer Visionary Scholarship is named after the man who invented the balloon garland and who first popularized professional balloon decor in the late 1970s. His vision launched a national phenomenon, and his basic design became the cornerstone of Classic Balloon Decor. This scholarship is for balloon decor professionals.

  • Marvin Hardy Pioneer Visionary Scholarship

    The Marvin Hardy Pioneer Visionary Scholarship for balloon entertainers is named after the legendary artist who is responsible for the first balloon twisting kit, the first hard-bound balloon figure instruction book, and the first manual of 260Q decorating techniques. This scholarship is for professional balloon entertainers.


Scholarships will be granted to entrepreneurs whose businesses significantly rely on the use of professional-quality balloons.

Candidates must demonstrate a knowledge of balloons, and must have worked in the balloon industry long enough to benefit from the educational opportunities at their selected event. QBN membership and CBA accreditation are not required, but professional credentials will be considered relevant in the selection process.

Selection will be based on the submitted application and follow-up interviews. Recipients will be determined by a scholarship board, which includes representatives from Pioneer Balloon Company and the event for which the scholarship is being awarded.

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